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We are proud to offer you Effortless Performance XIO Radiation Planning System from CMS.

The Radiation Therapy Planning System combines the latest radiation technology and advanced multiple dose calculation algorithms (Multigrid and Monte Carlo) on a desktop PC platform. The XIO treatment planning software offers also modules for IMRT, compensators and Dynamic Conformal Arc Therapy. Patient data from CT , MRI and PET can be manually or automatically fused and the Plannned Target Volume contoured. Focal Pro is the software for the clinician’s Contouring & Plan Review Workstation. It contains the perfect tools for manual or auto contouring of fused CT, MRI, PET and NM images, review of multiple plans for a patient and review of DVH’s.


The new XiO interface provides a structured Windows environment with access to most functionality just mouse click away.
Plan, review, and approve with multiple transverse sagittal and coronal images...just a mouse-click away.


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